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Busch Gardens - Tampa Bay

You’ll spend very little time standing still at Busch Gardens theme park, Florida. It's mostly about movement, most of it several hundred feet up in the air, extremely fast, and upside down. But not all the attractions are roller coasters. There’s movement of a different kind in the African dances, and the off-road safari. And not forgetting Busch Garden's residents. There are more than two thousand exotic animals to see.

Want to get up-close and personal with African wildlife? - well now you can on a half hour Serengeti Safari tour in an open truck giving you a unique, up close encounter with giraffes, zebra, antelopes, and other African wildlife.

Or you can take a self-guided walking tour through a scenic habitat of hippos, hyenas, meerkats, vultures, a Nile crocodile, baboons. There are almost 500 tropical birds from around the globe, watch a Birds of Prey presentation, see a variety of musical shows or watch an exciting 4-D theater attraction.

Then, of course, there are the roller coasters. SheiKra, at 200 feet, is Florida's tallest roller coaster. Twisting and plunging it gives it's riders a 70 mph, adrenaline-pumping experience like no other. This thrill machine is also the tallest dive coaster in the world and the first of its kind to incorporate an Immelmann loop (a water feature and rolling maneuver), a second, 138-foot dive into an underground tunnel and a water-feature finale. SheiKra offers three minutes of over-the-edge excitement on more than half a mile of steel track.

Gwazi is the Southeast's largest and fastest mammoth double wooden coaster boasting more than 1.25 million board feet of lumber and over 2 million bolted connections. Named after a fabled lion with a tiger's head, Gwazi races riders through almost 7,000 feet of track and is two distinct coasters intertwined

Kumba is one of the world's best roller coasters. After the blood-curdling thrill of an initial 135 foot drop, you will plunge from 110 feet into a diving loop, feel a full 3 seconds of absolute weightlessness while spiraling 360 degrees, and tear through one of the world's largest vertical loops.

There is also the Python, Montu and Scorpion along with Cheetah Chase (a little more sedate for the family) but if coasters are not for you - how about some water rides like Congo River Rapids, Stanley Falls or Tanganyika Tidal Wave or sedately taking in the view of some spectacular scenery as you fly through the air from the Crown Colony area to the Congo on the opposite side of the park on Skyride - if you love roller coasters you'll sure have some fun!

Busch Gardens Rides

  • Serengheti Express
  • King Tut's Tomb
  • Land of the Dragons
  • Gwazi
  • Hospitality House
  • Kumba
  • Montu
  • Stanleyville
  • SheiKra
  • Stanley Falls Flume
  • Morocco
  • Skyride
  • Congo River Rapids
  • Tanganyika Tidal Wave
  • Kumba
  • Scorpion
  • Cheetah Chase
  • Python
  • Timbuktu

Busch Gardens Shows

  • American Beat
  • Pirates 4-D
  • Friends Forever
  • KaTonga
  • Mystic Sheiks Of Morocco

Busch Gardens Attractions

  • Myombe Reserve
  • Bird Gardens
  • Birds of Prey
  • Serengeti Plain
  • Edge of Africa
  • Clydesdale Hamlet
  • Lory Landing
  • Rhino Rally

Busch Gardens Up Close Tours

  • Family Adventure Tour
  • Ultimate Adventure Tour
  • Serengeti Safari
  • Adventure Thrill Tour
  • Sunset on the Serengeti
  • Elite Adventure Tour
  • Saving A Species Tour
  • Guided Adventure Tour
  • Animal Adventure Tour
  • Keeper For A Day

Busch Gardens Dining

  • Crown Colony Restaurant
  • Desert Grill
  • Serengeti Dining Safari
  • Zagora Cafe
  • Zambia Smokehouse
  • ViVi Restaurant
  • Crown Colony Cafe
  • SheiKra Sweet Treats
  • Kenya Kanteen
  • Sahara Snacks